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Appointment of Foundation Governors

Foundation governor eligibility

All nominated persons must be committed, practising Catholics, who accept the need to foster and maintain the interests of the Bishop and the Directors of the Diocese in educational matters. They must clearly demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of the distinctive nature of Catholic schools and Catholic education.


Nominating foundation governors

Foundation governors must be nominated by the headteacher of the school and the priest with pastoral responsibility using the forms below.


Terms of office

All foundation governors will be appointed for a four year term of office.


Number of foundation governors

Details about the number of governors required in each category can be found in the school’s instrument of government. In a Catholic school the foundation governors make up the majority of the governing body. Whilst it is no longer a requirement for one-third of a school’s foundation governors to be eligible to be elected as parent governors it is recommended that those eligible are represented.

Where a school serves more than one parish, there should be governors from each parish. If this is not possible, several governors should be nominated to link the school with some of the contributory parishes.


Members of staff

Members of staff who are employees of the governing body cannot be nominated as foundation governors of the school in which they are employed.



For every nomination the Diocesan Department for Education must receive the following forms prior to appointment:

  • nomination form (original)
  • self-declaration form (original)
  • CES skills audit form (copy of)

All forms must be fully completed. Incomplete forms will be returned to the school and will delay appointment.


Foundation Governor Nomination Form

To be completed by the headteacher and priest with pastoral responsibility


Clergy Foundation Governor Nomination Form

To be completed by the clergy nominee and headteacher


Foundation Governor Self Declaration Form

To be completed by the nominee


Catholic Education Service Skills Audit Form

To be completed by the nominee. The school keeps the original and sends a copy to the Diocesan Department for Education.


Completion of appointment

Upon completion of appointment the nominee will receive a letter confirming their appointment. The school and local authority will receive an updated list of all foundation governors by email.


Renewal of Foundation Governors

A full set of forms must be completed for the renewal of a governor.


Out of date foundation governors

The Diocesan Department for Education will send a reminder to the school approximately four weeks prior to the end of a governor’s term of office. It is then the responsibility of the school to send the forms for the renewal. Foundation governors whose term of office have expired are not eligible to vote at governor meetings.


Foundation Governor retirements, resignations and non-renewals

It is the responsibility of the school to notify us of any retirements, resignations and non-renewals. Please do so by letter or email to education@diocesehn.org.uk


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