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DFC/LCVAP guidelines

LA Co-ordinated VA Programme (LCVAP)

This is formulaic funding which is administered by the Diocese with the co-ordination of the LAs and Church of England.  There are no limits on the size of a project that can be supported by LCVAP, nor any restrictions on the type of capital project, as long as the capital work is the governing body’s liability. Grant is normally paid at 90% with 10% Governors’ liability. LCVAP funding must be spent in the year it is allocated; if not it becomes a commitment in the following year and will be lost if it not allocated to an approved project.

Devolved Formula Capital (DFC)

DFC is a formula-based grant available to all VA schools. Exceptions are schools that:

  • open in, or move into, new buildings, or those schools that are due for closure.
  • enter into a PFI contract, in which case it is withdrawn from the year following the contract signing, and is returned in the third year after the service is started – at which point it will be at 50% of the standard rate.
  • are included in Building Schools for the Future (BSF)

DFC can be rolled forward, but it must be spent within three years from when it was allocated. DFC can support all types of capital work as long as it is governing body responsibility. There is a minimum project cost of £2,000 but no maximum project cost.

Notes to headteachers:


When a school has a successful bid from LCVAP, the Department for Education at the Diocese will write to the headteacher confirming the project and the amount. The headteacher must advise the consultant who carried out the initial work surrounding the bid that the school has been successful and how much funding is available.
Please remember that all our consultants work “At Risk”. This means that any projects you ask them to price, is funded by them until you are awarded grant funding. Please do not ask a different consultant to carry out the work.

LCVAP is funded on a project by project basis, therefore you are free to ask consultants to price different projects.

The consultant will complete all the necessary paperwork and submit on your behalf.


Schools are notified every February what their DFC allocation will be. Any spend over £2,000 including VAT and consultants fees can be considered for DFC funding.

Only one consultant may be approached. They will seek the best price through a tender process. The consultant will complete all the necessary paperwork and submit on your behalf. Please check with Eileen Morrison the amount you have to spend.

DFC LCVAP Project Form 19-20 (pdf - word)

Applications for Diocesan Consent for Building Projects form 2019 - 20 (pdf - word)

Questionnaire for Headteachers

Notes to consultants:

When submitting VA Application for Approval please also attached signed Governor’s 10% commitment.

There is no need for a separate Governor’s 10% form with the DFC Application for Approval.

LCVAP Application Form

DFC Application - Updated January 2018

Governors 10% Authorised Signature - Updated August 2018

LCVAP and DFC Allocations:

The allocations for 2018-19 are listed below.

LCVAP Summary 2018-19.

LCVAP and DFC Applications 2019-20:

We have been working with the Diocesan Property Department to produce 'Planning and Carrying Out Building Works in Voluntary Aided Catholic Schools' a guidance document that provides detailed information and guidance for schools and consultants.

Access the detailed doument here (pdf - word).